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It's the season of ice and mud here in the midwest.

Days of frigid cold followed by unseasonable warmth and rain followed by snow melt followed by below freezing temperatures on ground that isn't able to absorb  leads to a landscape laden with icy ground that is difficult to traverse without ice shoes.

I was struck with a funny analogy while I was out walking with my doggie, who thinks she's a 100 lb. sled dog when she's wearing her harness. She has no problem walking on ice, as she has 4 paws on the earth at all times and those paws have rough pads and sharp nails which make getting by on icy terrain a bit easier.

Thinking she's invincible and being an impatient little wolf trapped in a little-dog body - she wants to GO and this means I have to fight for control.   The less we're able to get out and walk, the more bored she gets (much like me) and the harder she pulls.

My little 20 lb. doggie dragging me along the icy walkways seemed like a fitting metaphor for some of my own struggles.

There's a part of me that wants to charge ahead in everything - from impulse spending to leaping into a relationship.  

Impatient, unaware of danger, my dog only wants to sniff out the most interesting smells on the frozen grass, light poles, and trees.  She lives in a world of instant gratification while her human trudges along stepping gingerly one slow plodding step at a time across each shiny patch of frozen cement.

I found myself wrestling for control, which doesn't normally happen (she's usually very good on a leash) but tonight for some reason she was pent up and ready for a run.

This just struck me as funny.  

Here I am a 100+ lb. adult human, being pulled along by a 20 lb. spunky dog - like my 46 year old slow-ass self gets pulled along by my childish attachment to finding the very thing that will provide me an instant (but temporary) cure for my boredom.

I must learn to teach my inner pup to "sit" when I tell her to sit, and walk with me - instead of pulling me into some reckless situation.

Sit.  Stay.  good girl!!

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