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An old childhood friend of mine shared something meaningful on Facebook not long ago (she must have read it somewhere else and then passed it along).

The basic idea is that you set aside a jar, and into that jar you drop notes to yourself that contain things you were thankful for on any given day.

I'm going to take a stab at doing this via this blog, dropping random notes into the virtual gratitude jar with things that I am grateful for on days when I'm feeling positive and/or feel like putting something in the jar.

In theory, you would go back and look through the jar at the end of the year and have something positive to reflect upon.

Today I am grateful for the following:
  1. Today was the first day in 3 weeks that I felt like dancing.   I was out walking with my doggie, heard the song "Killer Queen" pouring through my headphones via my radio station feed, and suddenly I was struck with the urge to dance.   I started skipping along the walking path in beat to the song.   My poor doggie didn't know what I was up to!

  3. Warm days in January.   Today it was 51 degrees and rainy (vs. cold and frozen).  The heat didn't kick on all day.  I enjoyed 2 lovely walks with my dog and didn't freeze.   This makes me happy.

  5. My good health, and having 2 strong legs that can carry me along wherever I want to go.   

  7. Colleagues who make me laugh.   I was IM'ing with a colleague who I've worked with for many years (he's in an office across the country) , laughing about some string of emails where fellow employees kept hitting the "reply to all" button on their email.  They were inadvertently clogging up everyone's inbox with personal accounts of problems logging into some corporate application / tool.   We saw another email come through, and he picked up and called me.  We talked about various projects in play, discussed some project / approach concepts, and then we just chatted about random funny moments in the history of our employer.  I asked him how his dog was doing (he and his family have had a wonderfully dumb Great Dane for 8 years now).  He told some funny stories about the dog, and his family.   It was just like being back in the "real" office where we would shoot the breeze during our lunch breaks.
I also downloaded the expansion pack for World of Warcraft, and will be spending some time over the next couple days reading up on how to spec my level 85 shadow priest so I can level her to 90.  There's a spot waiting for me in one of the guild raids as soon as I'm ready.

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